Human anti-KLH antibody tests

Human anti-KLH antibody analysis
KLHanalysis.com is an initiative to serve the scientific and medical communities with quantitative human anti-KLH antibody measurements.

Anti-KLH ELISA method
We measure human anti-KLH antibodies in serum/plasma using our recently published ELISA method (Aantzen et al. 2012).
We offer quantitative analysis of the following KLH-specific human antibodies: IgGtotal, IgMtotal, IgAtotal and all four IgG-subclasses. Results are reported in mg/L.

Provided Service
Clinical trials: we provide 'fit-to-purpose' anti-KLH analysis of samples from (pre-)clinical trials.
Personnel involved in the study conduct work in the certified Department of Laboratory Medicine of the Radboud University Medical Centre.

Collaborative projects: we encourage the development of novel KLH-applications and offer anti-KLH measurements at a reduced fee if the focus of a project is on gaining new KLH-insights and will lead to joint publications.

General Procedure Trials & Projects
1. Send an email to
info@KLHanalysis.com to specify your interest in our service.
2. A Service Request Form will be returned, together with answers to project-specific questions and a cost indication.
3. Fill out and return Service Request Form to
4. A specified Project Agreement with purchase order number and 'Project Fee' will be returned by email.
5. Send-in samples together with countersigned Project Agreement.
6. Send electronic list with samples ID's (Excel) to
info@KLHanalysis.com as shipment dispatch notification.
7. anti-KLH antibodies Data Sheet and Project Invoice will be returned by email.

Example Project Agreement

General Sample Recommendations
Apply 0.5 ml fresh serum/plasma in a 2 ml polypropylene tube; store at -20°C or -80°C avoiding excessive freeze-thaw cycles.
Transportation preferably on dry ice per express mail. An agreement for return of left-over samples can be made.

Serum/plasma collection protocol

Our service complies with both GCP regulations and our laboraotry is accredited with ISO 15189. The accreditation covers the professional competence of the laboratory personnel, the qualtiy system of the laboratory as well as the specified activities and disciplines as described in the authorized annex bearing the accreditation number.